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Harlan County Community Action Agency welcomes you and we are very proud to present its new and revamped website at! A new and refreshing design, an improved user experience and a “responsive” website allowing you to browse on the device of your choice: computer, tablet or mobile phone… discover the brand-new! A NEW AND REFRESHING DESIGN We wanted to keep what makes the essence of Harlan County CAA’s web interface: big pictures on the homepage to immerse yourself in our universe, permanent access to our services and our news… not a complete revolution virtually speaking, but a refreshing evolution. The design layout has been modernized, using the latest web development coding, a pure and refined style which leaves the best place for content, news and visuals; hence greatly improving readability. LATEST NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS AT YOUR FINGERS! We know we send out announcements often, and it’s already difficult to reach out to our ...

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