🚐Transportation:676 Medical Trips, 328 To/From Job Trips, 18 Veteran Trips, and 386 Demand Trips (Grocery, store, bank, etc.).TOTAL OF 1,408 TRIPS
🧰Workforce (WIOA):*Youth – 1 in Work-Experience, 1 in Training, 1 Job*Adult/Dislocated Workers, CI, NEG – 4 Jobs, 4 Enrollments (Supportive services/Needs Based Payments), 15 Needs Based Payments, 5 Supportive Services.*1,156 Clients Serviced With Unemployment Insurance Assisted Calls.
💡LIHEAP Crisis:143 Clients Served$26,276.12 Total Paid
💡KU HEA:8 Clients Served
🏡Homeless Program:8 Clients Served
*There are also many other miscellaneous services provided through the caring and dedicated CAA staff!