Operations & Budget


Harlan County Community Action Agency, Inc (HCCAA) values our customers, employees, board members, volunteers, partners and the community we serve. This plan is an effort of staff, board, constituents, partners, and customers to address the future of Harlan County Community Action Agency and its potential impact on our community. No one like changes, especially when it means a change regarding a program “we have always provided.” For example, we recently closed our Meals on Wheels (MOW) program which was hard for the staff as well as the board, but it was no longer feasible to operate the program. But with growth, there must be change. This plan will serve as a point that leads to many different paths.

The strategic plan addresses Harlan County CAA’s vision and goals for the next 5 years along with specific objectives and strategies. It also breaks down each goal into family, agency, or community while incorporating the six (6) National ROMA goals, but literally and/or respectively.

The 6 ROMA Goals are:

  • Goal 1: Low income people become more self-sufficient (Family)
  • Goal 2: The conditions which low-income people lives are improved (Community)
  • Goal 3: Low-income people own a stake in their community (Community)
  • Goal 4: Partnerships among supporters and providers of services to low-income people are achieved (Agency)
  • Goal 5: Agency increase their capacity to achieve results (Agency)
  • Goal 6: Low-income people, especially vulnerable populations, achieve their potential by strengthening family and other support systems (Family)

Budget & Results

Overall Agency Budget

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Program-specific Budgets & Results

WIOA Fiscal Year 2014/2015 Budget Total: $1,944,857.38
Results: Total Served in Adult & Dislocated Worker Program: 502 people Total Services Provided to Adult & Dislocated Workers: 1,388 services Total Adult & Dislocated Workers completed to jobs: 188 jobs Total Served in Youth Program: 90 youths Total Services provided to Youth: 178 services Total Youth completed to job: 7 jobs Total Youth participated in education program: 20 youths Total Youth completed from follow-up services: 23 youths
Transportation Fiscal Year 2014/2015 Budget Total: $915,468.00 Total Miles Driven: 411,925 Total trips: 19,622 Total Fleet vehicles: 41 Average monthly total: 34,327 miles driven average monthly total: 1,635 trips per month
Spent: $4,292.64 Assisted: 28 families
Households: 3 Spent: $85.00
Spent: $4,999.84 Households: 30
Spent: $215,308.00 Households: 1,481
Spent: $298,653.07 Households: 1,310
June July August Total
Breakfast 2,692 1,668 315 4,675
Lunch 3,499 4,095 28 7,622
Dinner 3,455 3,727 0 7,182
Total 9,646 9,490 343 19,479
Project funds: $39,278.00 10 housing slots allowed in program 10 slots filled as of May 2015 7 slots filled as of June 2015
Project funds: $86,440.00 10 housing slots allowed 6 slots filled as of April 2015 5 slots filled as of June 2015
Project funds: $15,361.00 20 clients/families received services