Our Services


Providing Harlan County citizens an affordable transportation method to various facilities.

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Tiny Homes Homeless Transitional Housing Project

Partnering with COAP to establish a new temporary housing to address the growing homeless population.

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Faith-Based Ministries Volunteer Initiative

Partnering with various faith-based ministries to help serve the low-income families of Harlan County with home repair.

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Home Energy Assistance Program

Providing monthly credits in electricity usage to Harlan County’s low-income homes

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State Emergency Program

Providing assistance to Harlan County’s families in emergency situations.

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Wintercare Program

Providing statewide energy assistance supported by private donations.

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Summer Food Service Program

Providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to out of school children in Harlan County that otherwise might not receive nutritional meals when school is out of session.

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Education Scholarship Program

Providing two scholarships for low-income students who have completed their secondary education.

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